The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas



I was surprised when reading ‘My Year of Reading Dangerously’ that it is possible for an avid reader to find a book which just makes them feel complete – they continue to read after finding that book, but it’s that book which, actually, is all you would find you need. I considered myself far too creative a reader to take this seriously, of course, and that it was just the over dramatic reaction of one person.

Well, Andy Miller may have hit the nail on the head. I have wanted to read The Count of Monte Cristo for quite some time – ever since V, from V for Vendetta, (the film, not the graphic novel), mentioned it and seemed to emulate Edward Dantes so highly. I had a late teenage obsession with V for Vendetta, and during a move from New Zealand to England over the English school holidays, spent a lot of time learning the movie word for word and studying V’s every movement. His passion for Monte Cristo, however, did not pass over to me, though when I got a kindle a few years later it was one of the first books I downloaded onto it. Now, almost 4 years later, I have read it.

And I have fallen in love.

It contains everything – from fierce battles, to many difference forms of romance, from vendettas to pious religion, from the ocean to action concentrated in Paris. The names take a little getting used to, but you spend so long with them that you don’t even care.

I had thoughts of writing a long post about everything about this book, but actually I just want to spend some time mourning the fact that I will never get to read it for the first time again. Then I shall look forwards to reading it for the second, third, fourth, hundreth time!


A Brief Introduction


‘If not you, who? If not now, when?’

I am the queen of putting of things because I don’t have the right coloured notebook, or I’m too tired, or my pen broke. But not today!

I recently read a book by Andy Miller entitled ‘My year of reading dangerously – 50 books (and 2 not so great ones) which changed my life’. I have been inspired to finally read some of those books that I’ve said I would, and decided that a good way for me to track my reading and any changes it makes, or interest it causes, is by blogging – and you never know, someone else may find it interesting!

In the meantime, I have been making personal changes including living a healthier and more active life (training for triathlons and various runs). So why not include that as well. None of us are made up one single thing, but rather made up of many different elements which make up our entirety.

My final thing which is important to me is the taking up of the kids work in my church. I have just finished a week of leading a Holiday Programme, following a drama investigation which I planned, wrote and executed myself, with the help of an amazing team.

So, off I go to read The Count of Monte Cristo – I will let you know how it goes.